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Content creation for online businesses is quite challenging, to be honest. It’s not a piece of cake! A significant amount of expertise and potential is required to craft content that can result in the desired number of sales and lead generation. You must be familiar with a word known as “content is king” for an online digital content marketing business 2020. Without quality content, your website is as dry as the wind in the Sahara desert. Hot, humid, and completely useless. Digital marketers spend millions of dollars trying to publish content that is not only worthy of attraction but also gives them desirable ROI in a short period. But slight do they know, it’s not as easy as it seems. Digital marketing keeps evolving from time to time. There is no such thing known as consistency in digital marketing. Every digital marketer must keep themselves updated with digital marketing trends now and then.

People who consider content creation as a career field must also be aware of it’s in and outs entirely. Content creation gets mind-boggling if it’s being for reaping SEO perks. Creating well-organized content plans with topical maps are a must nowadays. Hiring writers and editors to execute will allow you to build up the traffic even faster. 

All digital marketers are well mindful of the fact of how relevant content is for their marketing campaigns. But things start to go downhill when companies experience failure in managing the bulk of information and content-driven projects properly. But this is why I have curated this blog. This blog provides 6 killer tips and tricks that every marketer must be aware of so that they can manage content related projects with ease and excel in their content marketing game with no hassle. But before we explore them, let me first give you a brief idea of what a bulk content writing project is.

What is a Bulk Content Writing Project?

 A bulk content writing project means content projects in bulk, demanding immediate completion. What constitutes bulk can vary from company to company, their rate of productivity, and their team management. Companies that are slow or bad at time management mainly suffer from bulk content writing. Some requirements can be indicated in bulk content writing projects. They are as: 

  • Large content delivery in a short time.
  • A team of expert content writers is generally required.
  • Delivery of high-quality content. 
  • Content delivery at affordable prices.
  • Content delivery with more revision options.
  • SEO content creation.

6 Key Tips that you Must Know

Now imagine you run a content writing services and want bulk content for making hot cash, but you have no idea how to get there. There is no need to worry, as I bring you 6 amazing tips which you should always follow:

1) Figure Out the Scale of Projects

When picking up content projects in bulk, you need to make sure of the size. Don’t take heaps of plans with your eyes closed, first make sure of the following given things:

  • How big of a team is required to handle such a project?
  • What will be the word count?
  • What will be the deadlines? Their complete map. 
  • How many articles will be assigned to how many writers?

All these considerations must be taken into account before you set off to take the bulk of content writing projects.

2) Set Quality Meters

During content creation, quality should always be every digital marketer’s top-most priority. Google only pays emphasis to websites that publish quality content. Hence, any website failing to adhere to providing quality content will stay behind in inviting traffic onto their websites. Getting bulk content writing projects isn’t the deal, delivering them in a quality state is. Every marketer must strive towards maintaining quality standards. Now, to put forth, quality content depends on the team of content writers as well. Make sure you have an outstanding professional crew on board. Give them rigorous training if required.

3) Manage your Time Well

When taking content writing orders in bulk, make sure you have a low turnover rate at that time. You won’t like it when you have a million orders pending a no team to start with. This won’t be good for your reputation at all. Also, assign massive chunks of tasks to the team that you believe can do them in a jiffy with good quality. Divide more significant portions of tasks and assign them to writers accordingly through your team leaders. Keep a check and monitor the entire team’s activities to make sure they don’t waste time and deliver content on time, so you don’t have to suffer any financial loss or embarrassment from your family.

4) Get the Right Team Onboard

Your team of technology content writers will be your backbone throughout this entire journey. Before picking up content projects in bulks, get rid of incompetent, lazy writers, who are exhibiting slow productivity levels. Put in efforts towards hiring writers that possess good years of experience, so your work is in good hands. 

5) Process

You must be thinking, you might need multiple teams of writers to handle projects in bulk, but that is not the case here. Establish a reliable team that can handle all sorts of assignments and is competent enough to maintain a quick turnaround time as well. Take care of the following things given below:

  1. Research
  2. Quality research
  3. Writing
  4. Editing
  5. Quality Assurance
  6. Delivery
  7. Publishing

No matter what the project type, attention must be given to all steps given above. The content will vary from project to project but always ensure you get consistent results.

6) Provide Timely Feedback

Your team will only work up to your expectations if you maintain the right communication channel. Try gaining feedback about the projects from your writers daily. Don’t leave out the managers too. Engage yourself fully with everyone. If your team requires training, then provide them with the best training practices. Give them writing samples, accessibility to online tools, and highlight them when they succeed. Maintain a consistent connection with your entire workforce.


About the Author:

Cameron is a professional content marketer with years of experience in writing and editing for Content Scribblers. As a core member of the team, he has managed to help many businesses and influences by producing quality content for them. Other than writing, he is also a tech wiz and a gamer who likes to spend his long nights taking down his arch-rivals in the digital universe.