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Content catalog is a content creation agency that has some expertise in making top-notch, intriguing content for organizations. Its hub of professional article writers which allows a business to excel in their content writing and management game. That is why it’s immensely popular in this booming era of digital marketing. 

Consistent Content allows you to conduct business with thousands of clients to make articles, digital books, item portrayals, and different resources for the recount to your image story, drive SEO, and win deals. 

Are Content Articles One Of A Kind? 

Consistent Content separates itself from other site content suppliers by assessing the creativity and uniqueness of all substances posted available to be purchased on our site. All articles are naturally submitted to Copyscape, a written falsification discovery administration, to give us a more noteworthy understanding of the substance’s history. Every single Full Right article sold on Content is novel and unindexed. On the off chance that an article has been published somewhere else, at that point just the Usage Rights will be accessible for procurement. 

What Kinds of Content will you Get on Content?

Consistent Content scholars have experience creating a wide assortment of content types, including, however not constrained to: 

  • Blog entries 
  • Articles 
  • Item depictions 
  • Web optimization content 
  • Neighborhood SEO pages 
  • Site duplicate 
  • Deals duplicate 
  • Promotion duplicate 
  • Web-based life duplicate 
  • digital books 
  • White papers 
  • Specialized content 
  • Instructive content

Who Can Apply? 

Anyone with a PayPal account can easily apply. But that person must possess a decent writing style and some experience in content writing so that they can judge the content accurately. It also has some geographical limitations.

How Would I Apply? 

Just visit their website and register yourself by hitting the sign-up option. After creating an account, you can ask for any content by simply logging in. Find writers by clicking on the “find writers” option or read the about us section if you need assistance. Scroll through their entire homepage section to clear any questions that might pop up in your mind. If you wish to compose content, then simply click the “Need to write for us?” section. Fill in the form. Add in all the requirements and your experiences. Take the test and present a composing test. Set aside the effort to check your example to ensure there are no mistakes.

Blog Content Catalog

Round out your profile with any data about your work history, leisure activities, and so on. Customers are scanning for essayists with information specifically zones, so on the off chance that you know a great deal about yoga, hiking, design, sports, and so forth, notice it here so they can discover you. For example, my profile refers to that I’ve composed a great deal of content for dental sites, and subsequently, I get customers reaching me consistently to request that sort of substance. 

What To Compose? 

When you’re joined and signed into your account, you can tap on Requested Content to discover demands from customers. In the case of anything intrigues you, send the customer a message to tell them you’d be keen on composing for them and pose any inquiries. This is a decent method to make snappy deals. 

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You can compose articles about any point you like and transfer them to the general inventory, from which customers can purchase content for their websites. Themes that sell well incorporate wellness, wellbeing, and cash sparing tips, pets, and innovation (surveys of telephones, applications, and so forth). Snap-on Writing Ideas while marked into your account to see the sort of articles that have sold late. I’ve discovered that the ideal article length is around 500 words. 

How Would You Generate Leads?

Keywords are critical. While transferring your article, you have to label it with keywords that customers may use to scan for this sort of substance in the inventory. Insert these keywords at the bottom of the box under the submission form. For instance, if you transfer an article about the iPhone 6, you will need to include watchwords, for example, “iPhone 6, iPhone, iPhone 6 audit, iPhone 6 highlights, iPhone 6 specification, etc. so, customers can easily navigate through your content.

What Will Be The Budget?

Steady Content base cost is $7 per article, which is excellent news for writers as it forestalls the “race to the base” that you see on offering locales. I as a rule find that around $30-50 is a decent cost for a 500-word article on the off chance that I need it to sell rapidly. Another methodology is to value higher and tick the box on the submission form that permits customers to get in touch with you with lower offers. 

Wrapping it Up

While you’re sitting tight for articles you’ve transferred to CC to sell, you can utilize them as a portfolio to go after different positions (private customers, other composing locales, and so on). In your archives, choose the entire article instead of just one piece. You can provide these as samples in the submission forms for other online content writing services.


About the Author:

Cameron is a professional content marketer with years of experience in writing and editing for Content Scribblers. As a core member of the team, he has managed to help many businesses and influences by producing quality content for them. Other than writing, he is also a tech wiz and a gamer who likes to spend his long nights taking down his arch-rivals in the digital universe.