frequently asked questions

There are two ways to create an account.

  • You may place your order HERE if you are not already registered. You will be asked to enter your name, your email address and other information. Once you enter the details your account will be automatically registered and you will be able to place the order. Your user details will be emailed to the address you will provide.
  • You may directly register your account HERE without placing an order immediately.

You may login by clicking the login button at the top of the menu bar or by clicking HERE.

Click on the forget password button from login screen. You will be asked to re-enter the email address you are registered with and your password information will be sent to you by an email. Additional information might be asked according to your customized settings.

Yes you may. After the project is delivered, you may request changes in tone and style adjustment of the content within 3 days of delivery. With that, even if your revision request is against our policy, it will still be reviewed by our quality assurance team and the decision will be made accordingly.

Projects are automatically marked as queued or delivered, according to their current status.

Once you accept and pay for your order, all the copyrights are passed to you.

  • Click on “order new content”
  • Choose the type of content you want
  • Fill in details.
  • Attach a file(s) if you want.
  • Review and complete checkout
  • Congratulations, your project has been created

We do not offer refunds for the projects that has already been submitted. However, under extreme conditions we may work with clients on a case by case basis.

Yes, it is confidential. Once you accept and pay for it, it only belongs to you.

Yes. You may choose the option of allowing us to post the content on your blog while ordering.Furthermore, our monthly packages include the services of posting by default without any additional cost.