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Imagine you have applied the best marketing strategies there are for pacing up your sales, you have the best team of marketers on board and have been investing heaps of your hard-earned dollars to succeed at a marketing campaign, but things aren’t working out the way you have planned them. You turn your attention towards enhancing your digital marketing strategies online; you hire a professional content writers. deploy the best strategy, and put in tireless efforts day and night but still nothing!

This is precisely where the role of creative product descriptions come into play. Products description, as its name implies, is a powerful digital marketing tool that points out the features and benefits of your product in a compelling way, aimed at influencing your audience decision making. According to one survey, 40% of millennials more likely to perceive product description example to be an essential diver to impact their purchase decision in a meaningful way. Hence, there is no doubt in the compelling product description, bringing you loads of sales, leads, and money!

Unfortunately, a lot of firms miserably fail to craft creative product descriptions on a professional level. This is mainly happening due to a lack of awareness or inadequate knowledge of what to include and what not to include in your product description example . Traditional product description writing involves adding feature-related information, but that won’t work now. Nobody cares about the design or the feature your product has to offer. All they care about is the benefits it has to offer. How well it can cater to their problems. How effective it is in doing that, and is it even worth investing in or not. These are some of the considerations that all product description writing must always take into account while developing a product description.

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I have curated this blog with an aim to help digital marketers to craft product description example that sell immediately. So, if you need some assistance, then read on as I have enlisted six easy rules that you can follow to get your sales to funnel moving with customers.

Keep your Audience in Perspective

A product description that is created by not keeping the relevant audience in mind fails miserably. I mean, why wouldn’t they? Imagine you are selling outdoor furniture and you target lower-level income people living in apartments, will that make any sense? Your product should only click to people who already have a large outdoor living area. When you sit down to jot ideas for your product description example, be mindful of their needs, requirements, and preferences. Always remember you are doing this for your audience and not for yourself. The more you give your audience priority, the more precedence they will give to you over other alternatives.

Your Choice of Words Matter

All the words you incorporate in your blog must speak value. Around 90% of consumers do their shopping online. Your words are the only thing that will capture your reader’s attention and help to portray a positive image in their minds. According to David Ogilvy, there are a few words that have proved to be influential in eliciting favorable responses from the audience. Some of these words are given below:

  • Suddenly
  • Now
  • Announcing
  • Introducing
  • Amazing
  • Sensational
  • Revolutionary
  • Miracle
  • Magic
  • Quick
  • Hurry

By using the keywords mentioned above, get your audience to purchase your merchandise immediately. Make use of these words in product description example, headlines and subject lines, etc. and wow your audience.

Give Precedence to Benefits Over Features

One of product description reasons, is to inform users of all important product benefits. A lot of marketers mistakenly pay emphasis on highlighting product features, design, and looks but always leave out the most important factor, which is the benefits. What they need to understand is that this is more of a traditional approach; the modern approach is quite different. However, modern product descriptions tell a different story. creative product description example that focus on listing out all-important benefits are a better deal-breaker than the ones which only focus on showcasing the fancy features. The real deal is the perks that will convince buyers to make a purchase instantly. When you craft product description and product details , keep the following questions in mind. Like how will your product make your customers happier, more productive, and how can it benefit them? It will give you more direction.

Keep it Simple

product description example that are complex to read are always a major turn off. Keep the content short and straightforward. Don’t write overly exhaustive wordy content. This will drive your customers away from your website, probably towards your competitors. Moreover, the products description that you write must be easy to read. You can start by describing the product in two paragraphs and then breaking down all the benefits through bullet points.

product description example

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Bullets area great way to save your user’s time, and they appreciate them as well. For instance, if you sell cars, then give out each description of specs and other details in bullets and make your entire user experience enjoyable.

Always Proofread

If you are putting out creative product descriptions that contain numerous grammatical and structural errors, then don’t expect traffic on your websites, don’t expect anything at all! Any content uploaded that requires double-checking is of no good. Make it right in the first place! Make sure your product details consist of no typos. Double-check for any spelling mistakes. If you are short on time, then make use of online tools such as Grammarly to do this job for you!

Tell a Great Story

When you add in too much rationality, I believe it tends to suck the life out of your product description. Inject as many creative stories as you can. Share your inspirational experiences if there are any that lead towards the invention of such a brand. Try connecting with your audience on a personal level. Minimize rational barriers as much as you can. Also, share your struggles along the way; your audience will be more motivated towards purchasing your product this way. Telling about your journey will surely allow your readers to grasp your intention and will influence their purchase decisions.

Take Away

The product description will take you a long way. It might just even turn your store into a busy web browser flowing with sales; the perks are endless. Share as much as you can by giving out your authentic story and experiences. Your audience will always appreciate your authenticity.


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