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There is probably no online business out there that, does not believe in the power of content. There is a famous phrase that almost every digital marketer is familiar with and that is “Content is King”. And to be honest, no online business can survive without wrapping its head around this phrase. Similarly, diving into a new year means crafting new plans for a content marketing strategy. Every year requires changes and these changes must be implemented as quickly as possible. For instance, you need to make sure of the strategy that you have deployed, which mainly focuses on attracting new customers and engaging them through the content you put up is actually converting into leads.

Now, a lot of marketers believe that earning a good ROI is all that it takes to ensure that their strategy is a hit! But this where they are wrong. Even if your content marketing strategy is helping you earn hot cash in no time, it does not necessarily mean it will sustain your audience in the long run. Which means, it might require some amendments. For this purpose, you need to review your content strategy over and over again for making sure it has the power to keep your audience engaged.

Unfortunately, a lot of marketers fail to understand this fully. It doesn’t matter what kind of business it is; every strategy requires frequent updates. For this reason, I have curated this blog, especially for marketers who need help in levelling up their content marketing strategy for this year. Top your content marketing game by maximizing your ROI’s, driving more customer engagement, boosting search engine rankings and increasing conversion rates. So, let’s see how you can achieve this:

1: Fully Integrate your Content Marketing Strategy

Fully integrating your content marketing strategy means to thoroughly combine all aspects of content marketing on all online podiums. Which means your marketing should not only cover social media platforms, but you should also integrate it across email marketing. More, like having an all for one and one for all approach, aimed at not leaving any online platform behind that might assist you in promoting your brand. But through fully integrating it doesn’t mean you aimlessly promote your brand with no meaningful messages. Your messages should be placed on the right platforms at the right time in front of the right audience. Hence, next time when you are at your drawing boards thinking of ways to revamp your strategy and curate a new one, assess it across all different platforms, try embracing integration as much as you can in the year 2020.

2: Focus on Diversity

One strategy that will definitely work in the year 2020 is publishing content that speaks to a diverse range of audience. Your content marketing goal in 2020 should be to enhance your user experience rather than focusing on increasing traffic on your website. You can only achieve this by keeping your audience as a foremost priority. 

Try incorporating keywords that your audience search for. This will help you improve your brand visibility as well. Tailoring content, according to your audience preferences, will create engaging outcomes, keeping them hooked on it for a more extended period. And believe me, this is precisely what we all are aiming for!

3: Tell Stories

People online crave authenticity and originality in content. But why do people refrain from injecting story-telling in their content? Why not share your journey? It’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Try sharing your experiences through your content to your readers. This will not only inspire them to use your products but will also allow them to keep coming back for more stories.

Other than telling stories, try connecting with your audience on a personal level. Send out personalized messages or notes to your audience whenever they purchase a product. Genuinity is the key here; don’t ever let go of it.

4: Create Video-Content

Video content has taken the entire content world by storm. According to studies, there was about a 99% increase in the usage of visual content last year by B2C marketers. The trend is shifting more toward video creation. Hence, your focus should be more on incorporating video related content rather than creating an exhaustive wordy content. As per research by Hub spot, videos keeps its audience engaged longer than any other kind of creative content writers.

Other than creating fun and exciting videos, live-streams is another way to keep your audience begging for more from your channel. Live streams are basically, meant for covering events, conveying strong messages or simple video streaming for the masses. According to one survey, live streams are so impactful that around 67% of people purchased tickets to an event after watching it live on a social media channel. Moreover, live streams offer its audience complete flexibility as it comes with an Ask me anything format where people can ask questions in the comment section easily from influencers and bloggers easily.

5: Prioritize User Generated Content

User-generated content is a great way to gain fruitful insights whilst allowing them to promote your brand in a meaningful way. It’s one of the influential ways to get your audience spread a positive word out about you. Creating a two-way channel of communication with your brand and your audience always creates a win-win situation. When you get your audience to speak positively about you, lesser resources get used. Try promoting this sort of mindset as much as possible.

Take Away

Embracing a unique content marketing strategy is very rewarding. However, with high power comes great responsibility, consistently amending content marketing strategies requires great amount of patience and skill. But there is no need to worry, thoroughly read this blog and level up your content marketing game this year.


About the Author:

Cameron is a professional content marketer with years of experience in writing and editing for Content Scribblers. As a core member of the team, he has managed to help many businesses and influences by producing quality content for them. Other than writing, he is also a tech wiz and a gamer who likes to spend his long nights taking down his arch-rivals in the digital universe.