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A compelling Amazon product description written carefully to describe every feature of your product in an inspirational manner will boast your sales in unimaginable ways. Product descriptions are crucial to the success of every online business, which some digital marketers fail to understand. The only thing which drives sales in this digital realm is crafting a product description that has the power to quickly trigger your customers on hitting that “Add to cart Button”. When as consumers, we open up website to go online shopping, we want all our search queries to be answered within a second. Nobody has got the time to open up multiple pages and scroll through different categories only to select one item.

For instance, if I need to buy myself a dress, the price, size and fabric will be three significant factors that I would be looking for the most. If the product description fails to give me these three important details, and only puts out fancy details about how beautifully handcrafted the pink lace is then I don’t think I’ll purchase it. But if it manages to mention all three viable factors on there and an attractive image of it then it would take me just a few seconds for me to make the purchase. So, from this example we can conclude that benefits and meaningful detail takes precedence over fancy description highlighting color, designs and other features. An impressive image published in high-quality will be enough to leave a positive impression on the target audience.

So, for this reason I have curated this blog especially for those firms that struggle with generating desired leads and sales through their inefficient product descriptions. Apart from creating intriguing product descriptions, uploading them on a world renowned website such as “Amazon” could also do the trick.

What is an Amazon Product Description?

Amazon happens to be a number one website for all small scale B2C businesses and e-commerce websites wanting to sell their products on a vast platform. Research has proven, that amazon prime members tend to spend around $1.4K each year. Hence, with that amount of spending on yearly basis, it would be a smart thing to get products up on this site. But if it were that easy, then almost every firm out there would be swimming in cash right now. Unfortunately, that is doesn’t happen but it’s not impossible, follow the tips given down below to work your way through creating killer amazon product descriptions in no time. Hire an expert amazon product description writes that can get the job done for you in no time.

The Title Matters

The main title of the product description is going to be the first thing that will cross the reader’s eye, so make sure to put up a great title. But fancy words with cute little descriptions won’t matter. You would have to think about it a little strategically. Try to incorporate some top selling keywords that people use when they search for your items. This will give you some SEO benefits as well, which means it will help make your product description appear on top of Google’s SERP’s. In short, create a title that includes keywords and refrain from adding useless words that aren’t of any value.

Add in a Compelling Amazon Product Description

A description is the second most important thing that would capture reader’s attention. A title matters but a little 200 words description along with the title also works. This is not just a matter of opinion, some bestselling websites such as EBay and Ali Baba use compelling product descriptions including all relevant keywords. This helps search engines scan and index optimum amount of keywords. Writing a compelling amazon product description in bullets also helps readers gain maximum insight.

Make Use of Images

Like I said before, adding vivid images eliminate the need of describing products features and design over and over again. Let your choice of pictures speak for you. Get in touch with some top-notch photography studios. It provides customers with a glance of what a product looks like. Outshine the beauty of the product by placing it on a plain background. Add some attractive images from different angles to show off your product in a unique manner. If you struggle then hire yourself a professional photographer who would do this job for you and fill up your dashboard with colorful images.

Give Precedence to Benefits over Features

Don’t ever leave out benefits for features, this is one of the most stupid mistakes marketers of this age make. Giving too much importance to what a product looks like, its design and color does the same thing an image does. So, what the point? Tell you what, if you add a column completely dedicated to benefits with a captivating image then that will work just fine. The real deal here is to convince buyers to make purchase instantly. Try answering the following questions, like how will your product make your customers happier, more productive, and how can it benefit them? It will give you more direction.

Lead with Sensory Words

Make use of exciting adjectives that grabs user’s attention. It’s obvious your users won’t be able to get a hold of the product since, you are selling things online. So, it’s your job to paint a meaningful picture inside the users mind by using sensory adjectives that helps your readers imagine the product. The main idea here is to allow users picture themselves using your products. Hence, make use of words like evocate, vivid, crisp, savory etc. Focus on sentence structure, as much as you can. Do proper research on where to use them and how to use them. Add them where appropriate otherwise it can end up turning into a big disaster.

Wrapping it All Up

A compelling Amazon description, will influence prospective buyers purchase decisions in countless ways. The perks are never-ending, not only it will raise the bar for you to compete with your competitors but will fire up sales in no time, creating a win win situation for both your customers and your brand.


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