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Cameron is a professional content marketer with years of experience in writing and editing for Content Scribblers. As a core member of the team, he has managed to help many businesses and influences by producing quality content for them. Other than writing, he is also a tech wiz and a gamer who likes to spend his long nights taking down his arch-rivals in the digital universe.

The Latest Content Marketing Trend for 2020: Infographic

Latest Content marketing is going to play an evident role in shaping digital marketers' strategy planning in 2020. Digital marketers deploy various content marketing approaches now and then to enhance brand visibility, widen existing customer base, and maximize lead generation. It's not just a matter of opinion. Still, by the virtue of the tremendous amount [...]

How to Write Product Description that Drive E-Commerce Traffic

In this booming era of modern technology. People are becoming more prone to purchasing products online. It doesn't matter what sort of brand they might be choosing; they blindly trust all e-commerce options, which enables them to hit that checkout button in no time. But do you ever wonder, what makes them so confident about [...]

Content Marketing in 2020: How to Shape your Strategy this Year

There is probably no online business out there that, does not believe in the power of content. There is a famous phrase that almost every digital marketer is familiar with and that is "Content is King". And to be honest, no online business can survive without wrapping its head around this phrase. Similarly, diving into [...]

6 Easy Rules to Write Product Descriptions That Sell

Imagine you have applied the best marketing strategies there are for pacing up your sales, you have the best team of marketers on board and have been investing heaps of your hard-earned dollars to succeed at a marketing campaign, but things aren't working out the way you have planned them. You turn your attention towards [...]

5 Ways to Write Amazon Product Descriptions that Informs and Persuades Customers

When a customer lands on your page looking for a product to buy, your main aim as a digital marketer should be to get them to hit the "add to cart" button as quickly as possible. But how exactly can you make this work? How can you convince your customer to buy your product when [...]

How to Write a Press Release: The Definitive Guide 2020

In this era of mass communication, the business can't survive without deploying a public relations strategy; definition press release are equivalently notable. If you are thinking of indulging in public relations activities, it's the best time to familiarize yourself with press release format. A press release happens to be a form of written communication briefly [...]

6 Powerful Tips for Writing a Business Proposal Like A Pro

A business proposal paves the way to a tremendous amount of new opportunities and open doors to new avenues. It's a great way to expand your existing client base, making yourself more visible to new businesses. An effective business proposal written according to all standards will make your business thrive. On the contrary, a poorly [...]

The Ultimate Guide on How to Write a Case Study that Drive Leads

When we speak of case studies, we usually think of an old research paper meant for a query or to gain in-depth information about a particular topic. Probably, something that is handed over to us in college as a course requirement. But, did you know case studies are a useful tool for generating leads that [...]