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How to Write a Press Release: The Definitive Guide 2020

In this era of mass communication, the business can't survive without deploying a public relations strategy; definition press release are equivalently notable. If you are thinking of indulging in public relations activities, it's the best time to familiarize yourself with press release format. A press release happens to be a form of written communication briefly [...]

6 Powerful Tips for Writing a Business Proposal Like A Pro

A business proposal paves the way to a tremendous amount of new opportunities and open doors to new avenues. It's a great way to expand your existing client base, making yourself more visible to new businesses. An effective business proposal written according to all standards will make your business thrive. On the contrary, a poorly [...]

The Ultimate Guide on How to Write a Case Study that Drive Leads

When we speak of case studies, we usually think of an old research paper meant for a query or to gain in-depth information about a particular topic. Probably, something that is handed over to us in college as a course requirement. But, did you know case studies are a useful tool for generating leads that [...]

The Importance of Email in the Modern World

Have you ever pondered upon the importance of email? Do your ever question why email is important? When we speak of business communication, email is undeniably the most evident form of communication. Even though business communication patterns have changed drastically, email is no behind. In fact, creative email marketing has also become a leading digital [...]