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There is probably no online business out there that, does not believe in the power of content. There is a famous phrase that almost every digital marketer is familiar with and that is "Content is King". And to be honest, no online business can survive without wrapping its head around this phrase. Similarly, diving into a new year means crafting continue reading
Imagine you have applied the best marketing strategies there are for pacing up your sales, you have the best team of marketers on board and have been investing heaps of your hard-earned dollars to succeed at a marketing campaign, but things aren't working out the way you have planned them. You turn your attention towards continue reading
A catchy headline is the first thing that captures the reader’s eye. It’s never going to be your fancy italic font or the theme that, you have used to compliment the tone of your writing style. Apart from utilizing vibrant graphics and images in your blog as an effort to capture reader's interest, there is continue reading
When a customer lands on your page looking for a product to buy, your main aim as a digital marketer should be to get them to hit the "add to cart" button as quickly as possible. But how exactly can you make this work? How can you convince your customer to buy your product when continue reading
There is a reason why brands all over the world have been investing millions in content creation. Mainly because people have taken up the phrase “seeing is believing” to a whole new level. People these days don’t rely on what a brand has to say that easily, for the stories, journeys and experiences matter. Customers want every bit of continue reading
Content breathes life into digital marketing. A website without content is like a soul without a body. Can you imagine how a website would look like without content on its site? Imagine newspapers, magazines and published documentaries only sending out visuals without anything for your readers to read. Will that work? No right? Also, think about what if this world continue reading
In this era of mass communication, the business can't survive without deploying a public relations strategy; press releases are equivalently notable. If you are thinking of indulging in public relations activities, it's the best time to familiarize yourself with press releases. A press release happens to be a form of written communication briefly describing an continue reading
A business proposal paves the way to a tremendous amount of new opportunities and open doors to new avenues. It's a great way to expand your existing client base, making yourself more visible to new businesses. An effective business proposal written according to all standards will make your business thrive. On the contrary, a poorly continue reading
When we speak of case studies, we usually think of an old research paper meant for a query or to gain in-depth information about a particular topic. Probably, something that is handed over to us in college as a course requirement. But, did you know case studies are a useful tool for generating leads that are considered as a valuable continue reading
When we speak of business communication, email is undeniably the most evident form of communication. Even though business communication patterns have changed drastically, email is no behind. How funny is the fact that in its early day's emails were used by co-workers for chit chat rather than for business? But now it's easy to say continue reading
If you are fond of writing and want to start a career as a writer, then, starting your own e-book writing business could be a right career choice. However, anyone new to this business could struggle. You would be required to know about proper structuring and on making it useful for marketing campaigns.  E-books are used continue reading
Life is not perfect; we all agree with this. With great contentment, there are disappointments everywhere. Whether it’s your personal life or your professional career, you will face adversity everywhere. In the professional world, if you come across any resentment, offense or wrongdoing, then complaint letters come in handy. It's the right of every citizen to file a complaint and continue reading